Makimono Sushi Rolls

Alaskan Roll

Cooked; Alaskan King Crab, cucumber, avocado, and roe



*Atlantic Roll

Tuna, salmon, cream cheese, topped with crab meat



Beach Side Roll

Cooked; shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cream cheese, and scallions with special sauce



*Beauty and the Beast Roll (I/O)

A half tuna and half eel, avocado, asparagus, scallions, and roe with special sauce



*Caribbean Roll

Hamachi and sliced jalapeno, topped with tuna and salmon



*Crunch Spicy Tuna Roll (I/O)

Fresh tuna on top of spicy tuna roll with crunchy tempura flakes and cucumber



Dancing Eel Roll (I/O)

California Roll topped with eel and eel sauce



Dragon Roll (I/O)

Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, asparagus, scallions, roe, and spicy mayo



Dynamite Roll

Baked conch over California Roll



Volcano Roll

Baked mixed seafood dynamite on top of California Roll with special sauce



Lobster Roll




Mamasan Roll

Cooked; shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese topped with shredded crab with a touch of mayo and spicy sauce



Orlando Roll

Cooked; fried snapper, cucumber, avocado, scallion, and roe in spicy mayo



*Rainbow Roll

Rainbow of fish on top of California Roll


Mexican Roll

Shrimp tempura, lettuce, mango, avocado, and cucumber with spica mayo and eel sauce


*Okinawa Roll

Tuna, escolar, roe and asparagus, topped with chopped hamachi, spicy mayo and kimchee sauce


*Sashimi Roll

No rice; tuna, salmon, and yellow tail with scallions and roe



Shrimp Tempura Roll

Cooked; shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, and scallions with a eel sauce



Spicy Crab Roll (I/O)

Crab, avocado mixed with spicy mayo, scallions, and roe



*Spicy Tuna Roll (I/O)

With sesame seed; tuna, cucmber mixed with spicy mayo, scallions, and roe



Spider Roll

Cooked; soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus, scallions, and roe with a special sauce



*Super Crunch

Cooked; tempura roll with salmon, eel, crab, cream cheese, scallion, and roe with special sauce



Super Volcano Roll

Cooked; baked mixed seafood on top of Super Crunch Roll



*Sushi Bomb

Tempura roll; hamachi, tuna, salmon, avocado, asparagus, scallions, and roe with special sauce



Thaikyo Roll

A shrimp tempura and cucumber roll topped with avocado slices and baked scallops



Eel Roll (I/O)

Cooked; grilled eel, cucumber, scallions, and eel sauce



*First Love Roll

Shrimp tempura and avocado with salmon on top



*Golden Tuna Roll

Tuna, avocado, scallion, in light tempura, wasabi, and spicy sauce



*JB Roll (I/O)

Salmon, cream cheese, and scallions



Key West Roll

Cooked; shrimp, eel, crab, avocado, asparagus, scallions, and roe with special sauce



*Rue La La (Tempura Roll)

Smoke salmon, cream cheese and pineapple topped with chopped tomato, cilantro, eel sauce and wasabi mayo


( * ) Symbol of raw items


A La Carte

Sushi (1 Piece) / Sashimi (2 Pieces)
( * ) Symbol of raw items

*Ama Ebi

(sweet shrimp)

$3.5 / $8


*Blue-fin Toro




$3.5 / $7



$3.75 / $8



$3.5 / $7



$3 / $6


King Crab

$3.75 / $8


$3/ $6



$3/ $6



$3 / $6


Baby Octopus

$2.75 / $5

*Quail Egg

$2.75/ $5



$3/ $6


*Salmon Roe

$3.75/ $8



$5.5/ $9


$2.575/ $5



$3/ $6



$2.75/ $5



$5.5/ $9


$3/ $6



$3 / $6


*White Tuna (Escolar)

$3 / $6

Classics and Combinations

*Traditional Rolls

California, Tuna, Salmon, Salmon Skins, Avocado, Asparagus, Vegetable, Cucumber


*Hand Rolls
California, Spicy Tuna, Eel, JB, or Spicy Crab


Served with Soup or Salad


1 California Roll, 8 pieces sashimi, 6 pieces of sushi



*Boat for Two

1 California Roll, 1 Tuna Roll, 16 pieces sashimi, 10 pieces sushi



Lobster Bomb and Lobster Roll Combo


*Sashimi Dinner

16 pieces assorted sashimi and fish cocktail



*Sushi Dinner

9 piece sushi and Spicy Tuna Roll




Sushi rice topped with slices of raw fish